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About Us

Buy and support is a revolutionary new website that allows you to raise money for a chosen good cause by simply using this site to do your online shopping. Every time you buy anything online you can contribute towards your good cause, and pay exactly the same as you would have done if you had not used the buy and support site to make your purchase.

The go shopping area of the site contains all of our partner stores, it is divided into clear sections to make finding the store and product you want as easy as possible, if you have a store you would like including then please get in touch.

Each good cause specifies a particular project that is been collected for, so you are able to clearly see the contribution that buy and support has made to the project and your own contribution within that.

The site is all about community, by joining together to support a good cause you are able to make a real difference. Every member of the community is able to communicate with each other within the site, and also take part in various competitions and games.

We want you to feel at home within your community so as part of the set up process you are able to customise your home page, making it unique to you.